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Brendan’s Interview in MXG

Thanks to TeddyBehr for posting this on the message board! Brendan is also featured on the cover of this months mag.

[MXG] So, what’s it like playing an extraterrestrial? And we gotta ask, do you believe in aliens?
[BF] I believe there’s a possibility. But I don’t play Michael as an extraterrestrial, the dialogue does that for me. I play him as an outsider who’s got a secret he dosen’t want anybody to know.

[MXG] What do you think of the chemistry they’ve set up between you and actress Majandra Delfino?
[BF] I like it. We get along so well. I hang out with her more than anyone on the show. We hate to love each other, and love to hate each other. She’s very, very cool. At first I didn’t want Michael to go through this, but I like the way they’ve gone about it.

[MXG] What do you look for in a girl?
[BF] The first thing you obviously see in a girl is looks. I’m not very particular: just maturity to a certain amount, not being too politically correct, not so stuck-up, and a sense of humor.

[MXG] Do you have a girlfriend now?
[BF] No.

[MXG] Have you ever had your heart broken?
[BF] Yes. I saw this girl at an Atlanis Morrisette concert in Winnipeg. I watched her the whole show. And we went out for about a month. I thought I was going to marry her, but I’m not sure she was thinking the same thing. She said she wanted to go out with me, but she wanted to date other people. And I was like, that’s not right. You can’t do that. So I said, “Go nuts and date other people. But bye.” That was hard. It broke my heart for a long time.

[MXG] What’s long?
[BF] About a month.

[MXG]What were you like in high school?
[BF] I went to a private Christian school. And I was a smartass more than anything, making jokes and speaking out of turn.

[MXG] So you were a troublemaker!
[BF] I basically followed the rules. But there was one time when my friends and I had to clean out the art room. They had a large paper-mache man in there, and we pretended we were wrestling him. We tore his arms off, hit him with bats, and body-slammed him. The next day the art teacher asked us what happened. Originally, we thought she didn’t need it anymore. So we told her it was all busted up when we got there. She said she had been working on it for close to a year. And we just lied. But we never got caught.

[MXG] What do you want for your future?
[BF] To do movies. But I’d like to think that acting dosen’t make me the person I am, that whatever I’m doing, I’d still be Brendan. More than anything, I want to just improve as a human being.


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