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Aliens Won’t Elude Roswell Sheriff

Thanks to Laurie for letting me know about this in mail, and to cantbreathe for mentioning it on the board! The internet fan-club mentioned is of course our own Valentines from the Roswell Message board!

From: scifi.com Newswire
Aliens Won’t Elude Roswell Sheriff

William Sadler, the veteran actor who plays Sheriff Jim Valenti on The WB’s teen UFO series Roswell, says his character will probably uncover the secret he’s been chasing all season long. “My guess is that eventually, I will … discover the truth about Max and Isabel and Michael, that they are in fact aliens,” Sadler told SCI FI Wire. “What I do with that information is sort of anybody’s guess.”

Sadler’s Sheriff Valenti has been pursuing the main characters in the popular series since it debuted in October. But Sadler said that he looks forward to exploring Valenti in other ways as well. “As the season is unfolding … I have a girlfriend, played by Diane Farr, who I flirt with and … that’s fun. I have a teen-age son, who I have trouble communicating with, and that’s fun. I have an elderly father, who we’re bringing into the show now, who I wronged when I was young, … and now all of a sudden I realize he was right, so there’s reconciliation there. So the character’s fleshing out well. It’s not just about chasing the aliens and never quite catching them.”

Sadler’s Roswell role, his first full-time job on a television series, has had an unexpected benefit: an online fan club, called “The Valentines.” “[It’s] a first for me,” he said with a laugh. “And [it’s] great fun. I’m enjoying the hell out of it. It’s funny, because I’ve done theater, and movies for many years, and while I’ve accumulated fans around the world, there’s never really been a dialogue with them. And the Internet … has provided this forum, a place for that to happen. Which is remarkable.”

Sadler, who first worked with Roswell co-executive producer David Nutter on the film Disturbing Behavior, also admitted he’s actually seen a UFO. “I saw one when I was a kid, on a farm outside of Buffalo[, New York]. Looking up in the sky, I saw a light travel across the sky, stop, make a hard right-hand turn, then a hard left-hand turn, then streak off across the horizon at phenomenal speeds. … My friend and I just stood there in my backyard, dumbfounded.”


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