The Ring’s the Thing

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Brendan Fehr
The Ring’s The Thing

From: Entertainment Teen, March 2000

Like his out-of-this-world Roswell character, Brendan Fehr is also somewhat
of an outsider. The 22-year-old native of Canada has only been in show
business for two years. In the fall of 1997, Brendan made a trip to
Vancouver, Canada, to look into modeling work near his hometown of Winnipeg.
Within a week, he was signed with a manager and landed a guest spot on the
series Breaker High.

Guesting on FOX-TV’s Millennium followed, along with roles in the made-for-TV
movies, Our Guys, Perfect Little Angels and Every Mother’s Worst Fear. But it
was his small role in Disturbing Behavior, where he was directed by Roswell
executive producer David Nutter, that helped him land his current role as
Michael, a rebel alien with cause.

With his Roswell role, Brendan had to leave Canada behind to move to Los
Angeles. However, he made sure he had a little piece of his homeland with him
at all times. In fact, he wears them on his hands. The two silver rings
Brendan wears in Roswell aren’t from the costume closet.

“They are my own,” he says. “The thick one on my right hand I bought in
Vancouver when I was living up there. I bought it on the street. It’s kind of
the prototype of what I would want for my wedding ring. It’s very thick and
plain…. And the one on the index finger of my left hand is a ring my best
friend gave me before I left Winnipeg. And I thought it would be a nice
gesture. I hate to take it off, and no one had any problems with me wearing
it on the show. It’s a reminder of home.”


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