Backstreet Boy Launches Out On His Own

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Backstreet Boy Launches Out On His Own
Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough is working on a couple projects that don’t
include his BSB brothers. He plans to release a single called “Fly to Heaven”
with his sister Pollyanna. “Me and my sister recorded a song that she wrote
about my sister Caroline, who passed away about a year-and-a-half ago from
Lupus,” he told reporters. “What we want to do is make that a single and give
all the proceeds to the Lupus Foundation, to raise money for the awareness of
the disease.” The duo have recorded four songs together that they hope to
release soon. Meanwhile, busy Howie has also been working on his acting
chops. He’ll appear as an alien in this month’s season finale of Roswell.
It’s rumored that if the show returns for a second year, Howie might return
as a guest alien again!


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