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Majandra interview on MXGTV

Thanks to BlueJ615 for sending this in!

This is from the Majandra interview video at the MXGTV site:

Hover over the “Entertainment” icon and then click on channel number threetitled “Femme Phenom”. That will take you to a page to choose your connection speed, and then to the menu of interviews.

It’s a cute interview where she’s basically at a photo shoot, trying on different outfits and getting made up while being asked questions about her style, shopping, and love. Here’s the article that went along with it:

Femme Phenom: Majandra Delfino
Although she may not have any deep, dark secrets in her real life, Majandra Delfino is just the opposite of her role on the hit WB show Roswell. On the show she plays a student named Maria, who’s secretly hiding the fact that her friends are really aliens. Before her career skyrocketed, you may have caught a glimpse of Majandra on the movie Zeus and Roxanne. But, despite these great
roles, Majandra is still very surprised at her acting ability. She grew up as a fun, unique kid who simply thought it would be cool to audition for a movie. Being as determined as she is, Majandra began sneaking behind her parents’ backs at the age of fifteen, and slowly fanagled her way into the
movie business. When she got her first role, her parents were very supportive of her decision to advance with her chosen career. (And we here at MXG are also happy with their decision!) We also learned a lot of cool things about Majandra: her favorite movie is The Last Unicorn; currently her cell phone rings to a Latin song called the “Samba” (she has forty different rings on her phone); her underwear drawer is the most organized thing about her; she is a motor mouth (we have proof), and she loves numbers of any kind. Why numbers? She hopes to work with math one day. Between the end of the season and through the summer, Majandra has big plans to scuba dive, learn how to
play the drums, and take horseback riding lessons. Although, Majandra does admit that in reality, she’ll probably be found in one place — on the couch in front of the tube! With all the great characteristics Majandra has, MXG wondered who her boyfriend might be? But she only admitted that she has a crush. She describes “him” as a real man, romantic, soulful, and not self-involved. Just the combination that Majandra’s been looking for. And if you’re wondering what her goal in life is, it’s very simple. Majandra wants to be in a “Got Milk?” ad before she ends her acting career. She claims it
may seem a little random, but MXG knows that Majandra will grow quickly to lead her into the future, with a solid career and solid bones!


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