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Kirsten Dunst on the cover of Teen.

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raves for “Roswell Rescuer”!

I read your “Roswell Rescuer” [May’00] article and I just had to tell you that it blew me away. The part about putting animals to sleep and how much people care about their pets was so touching that it made me cry. I had a dog that died about a year ago and when Shiri Appleby talked about death and how pets feel it comforted me. anyone who loves animals should read this article.
– J.G., 14, Calif.

Thank you for putting Shiri Appleby on the cover of your May issue! My friend had to remind me to breathe when I saw it! When I grow up I want to be a vet and it gave me something to think about. I can’t believe that guy was going to shoot his dog! – T.B. *

When I read the article about Shiri Appleby’s adventure at the vet clinic, it made me so happy. As an animal lover myself, I really could relate to her experience. Plus, I’ll be going to college soon to pursue my dream of becoming a veterinarian. Thanks for a splendid article! – R.,18,Conn.

*Reader did not provide her age and/or state picture of Shiri at the clinic is provided next to the letters.

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Majandra Delfino writes so much poetry, she says she could become a hermit.


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