Agent Pierce a “Man of Honor?”

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Agent Pierce a “Man of Honor?”
Sheila Limontas
Free lance Journalist

Actor David Conrad, who portrayed FBI Agent Pierce in the WB’s hit series ‘Roswell’, well soon be on the big screen.

Conrad will be working alone side two of Hollywood’s big named actor’s, Robert De Niro and Cuba Gooding Junior. In Fox’s latest coming attraction “Man of Honor” directed by George Tillman Junior.

MEN OF HONOR chronicles the inspirational, true-life exploits of Carl Brashear (Gooding, Jr.), who becomes the Navy’s first African-American Master Diver.
Brashear runs into formidable opposition in Billy Sunday (De Niro), a rebellious senior officer and Master Diver who ultimately helps Brashear overcome a crippling injury, and fight racism and bureaucracy, to make military history.
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Conrad will be playing Navy officer “Hanks”, who by the movie theater’s previews, will be giving Gooding’s (Carl Brashear) and De Niro’s (Billy Sunday) character’s a hard time. Which should be nothing new to the actor who had viewers sick with fear and hate as FBI Agent Pierce , who wanted his version of the truth at any cost!

The movie should be a hit when it hit theater’s this fall. To learn more about actor David Conrad, check out To know learn more about the movie check, look under “Coming Soon”.


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