Late For the Sky: Roswell’s first fanzine

Thanks to Irene for sending in these details! Please note that fanforum or crashdown have nothing to do with this publication, so any questions should be directed to the emails of those working on it.


After months of preparation, LATE FOR THE SKY, Roswell’s first fanzine, will soon be ready for purchase! Featuring painstakingly edited fan fiction and breathtakingly beautiful artwork, the fanzine is sure to take Roswell fandom by storm. With new stories by GTA nominees Ash, Elizabeth, loki, and FehrKitten, LFTS will also feature Bella Richards’ inspired take on our dear Roswell and an old family fave. The Wizard of Roz makes its only public appearance ever here, complete with illustrations. (In case you were having trouble picturing Maria wearing Dorothy gingham… We know she was having a hard time with it…)

LATE FOR THE SKY’s theme being music, (that silent, ever-present member of Roswell’s landscape), our writers have drawn their inspiration from a vast array of music, both current and classic. Our specially commissioned cover painting by Rosmarie Tribuzi is reminiscent of Jackson Browne’s album of the same name, reinvented for the Roswell universe.

With more fiction by Kathryn Bognar (Cotti), Stephanie Cooke, Kris Blackwood, Joy Elizabeth Watson, Jennifer Liles, Irene Shafer, Kathy Carrasco and poetry by Lezlee Brinkman and Courtney Lynn. And more… Artwork by Dawnie, Almassy, Cotti and Bella Richards.

Reservations are now being taken for this limited first edition, (cover price $24.50, which includes US shipping – outside the US, shipping will be higher). Write us at with the following personal particulars: name, street addy, city, state, zip, email addy, number of issues desired. We’ll add you to our growing list of interesteds and put you in line to reserve a copy of this landmark publication.

For further info, please visit our web site at roswellzine2000


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