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Shiri Appleby – Facebook Q&A Transcript (July 31)

Shiri went on Facebook today to host a spontaneous Facebook Q&A. She answered as many question as she could until her delayed flight started boarding.

Please read the Q&A below and find out what she would say to a friend who wants to be on The Bachelor and which former “Roswell” cast member she ran into recently (not Jason). Shiri also talks about her hit show “UnREAL”… and there’s so much LUX love!

In addition, Shiri was asked about “Baron And Toluca”:

Julia: Hi Shiri, I’m a huge fan since Roswell times. Have you heard something about the plan Majandra and Brendan have for “BARON + TOLUCA” show? Would you like to join forces with these two again? You guys were awesome together as a cast! Greetings from Poland!
Shiri: I’ve heard about it but don’t know much. They’re both so talented, I’m sure it would be amazing. Would love the opportunity to work together again!!

Shiri is going to appear on ABC’s “The View” and NBC’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers” on Monday. Tune in!

“UnREAL” airs on Mondays at 10/9c on Lifetime.


Hi guys! My flight is delayed… Anyone up for a quick Q&A? Ask away… XO Shiri

Ryan: Is there going to be a swimfan 2? :)
Shiri: First I’ve heard of it but anything is possible

Annalisa: Are you team Coleman or team Adam?
Shiri: They are both so great but I don’t think either are Rachel’s forever guy

Karl: Not a question just a hi from great Britain :)
Shiri: Hi Britain!!

Theresa: How was directing and will you direct again?
Shiri: Directing was the most fun I’ve had at work in years. I hope to direct more episodes this coming season of Unreal. We shoot new episodes starting again in January.

Mia: Fan of hockey?
Shiri: I LOVE hockey. huge fan since I was 13

Chelsea: What is your favourite film?
Shiri: I cannot lie… pretty woman

Jessica Marie: What has been your favorite show to work on?
Shiri: I made the best of friends on Life Unexpected and GIRLS has been the most creatively satisfying experience to date.

Ali Rae: What would you say to a friend wanting to be on the bachelor?
Shiri: Reconsider

Walt: LOVE ROSWELL! Watching it again for the millionth time!
Shiri: Thanks Walt! Still my all time favorite for so many reasons. You can never get over your first ❤️

Jen: No questions! Just want to say that UnREAL ROCKS and you are AWESOME! Oh yeah…and I can’t watch any reality TV Shows the same ;)
Shiri: Thanks Jen!!

Cmolly: Just wanna let you know that I never finish anything I watch, but life unexpected was the shit. Finished it. Great job. Loved ur character.
Shiri: Thank you! I loved Cate Cassidy!!

Mille: Hi Shiri!! You’re such a great actor :) I watched Life unexpected and it’s so awesome :) It’s not a question I just wanted you to now :)
Shiri: Thanks Mille! 😍

Mayah: Hey! Any word on when season two of Unreal will hit Hulu or Netflix? I had to give up my cable this year. Lots of love and safe travels!
Shiri: No word yet but I’ll ask. Good idea!! Thanks!!

Jaimie: What type of character do you enjoy playing the most? I ask this because I became a fan of yours when I watched Life Unexpected, and now continue to enjoy your work on UnReal. Have a safe trip!!
Shiri: I really want to do a comedy or a superhero movie – something that is in complete contrast to the heaviness of Rachel Goldberg :)

Jade: No Question, just wanted to say I loved you in Roswell and in Life Unexpected, two of the most amazing shows ever, thank you! <3
Shiri: Thank you Jade!

Helen: Hi Shiri If there were a Roswell reunion do you think that they would they still be on the run from the special unit, or would they have found a place to hide out?
Shiri: Oooh, good question Helen. Hmm, I’d hope they’ve settled somewhere and had half alien/human babies :)

Ravit: Shalom Shiri ;) I really LOVE Unreal and I watch every episode at the moment it’s out. I think you are a great actress! Who is the most moral chararter at the show in your opinion and why?
Shiri: I think Jay has the most pride in himself and gets disgusted with our treatment yet he’s still there, thus still part of the problem

Todd Michael: Hey Shiri…have a safe flight :) One question, ever thought of doing a western if the role was right?
Shiri: I’d LOVE to do a western. What a dream that would be. Haven’t done much period and think I would really enjoy it

Andrea: I LOVR unReal. It’s been a while since I’ve had a show that I’m so into! I record it on my DVR and watch it as soon as I can each week!
Shiri: Thanks Andrea! That’s awesome!!

Clémence: Hi Shiri ! If you had to describe Rachel in three words, what would they be ? You’re an incredible actress, thank you for this ! UnREAL rocks (and team Adam forever) ! Kisses from France :)
Shiri: She has a need to connect

Kimberly A: Hi Shiri! I was wondering how you balance work and being a mom
Shiri: Hi Kimberly, it’s tough making time for everything but like all moms, I wake up trying to do my best. Thankfully I have wonderful support and a great family that makes the balancing act as manageable as possible. As they say, it takes a village 😍

Tiffany: I love you on unreal!! What has been your favorite scene by far to film?
Shiri: The pilot episode was a ton of fun because you’re exploring the story and discovering the world for the first time. It was also the most challenging but like anything good to be a part of, it has its obstacle.

Teresa: How do you like working with my former high school classmate, Warner? I can tell you stories!! HA!!
Shiri: Warner is my hero!! What an incredible woman!!

Shane: Hi Shiri, do you keep in touch with any of the Roswell lot? Much love x
Shiri: I run into some of the actors from the cast from time to time. I saw Colin Hanks a few weeks ago at an art gallery opening and it’s always a wonderful trip down memory lane!

Linda: What is your favorite currernt reality show to watch, and if you could be the showrunner on any reality program, which would you choose?
Shiri: I’m a HUGE fan of Project Runway and Project Runway Junior. It’s great to watch creativity unfold in front of your eyes! I’m a guest on PR this season and had a wonderful time! Thanks for the ? Linda!

Narinder: Hi Shiri, if you were cast as a superhero, which one would you like to be?
Shiri: I’d LOVE to be a superhero – especially now that I have kids, I could imagine being in that world even more! I’d love to ability to know what other people think :)

Erica: Hi shiri! It’s clear that you and Constance Zimmer portray somewhat different characters on UnReal. How well do your personalities match up outside of the show?
Shiri: CZ and I are so different from our characters. I think that’s where so much of the fun we have comes from when we are working – playing people that are nothing like us.

Jeanette: Hi Shiri! Would you be interested in doing a Life Unexpected reunion episode/ movie? What kind of story would it have if you had a say in it?
Shiri: Yes I would love to work with that team again. We are all still so close, it would be a dream experience. Thanks for the LUX love 💕

Danielle: What’s the hardest part of playing Rachel? She has such a wide range of issues and personalities has it been super challenging to get into character before?
Shiri: I know RG at this point and what makes her tick so once I throw that green army coat on, I can feel her. It’s hard at the end of the season, this one especially, to shake her darkness but thankfully I have a full, happy life, which helps :)

Julia: Hi Shiri, I’m a huge fan since Roswell times. Have you heard something about the plan Majandra and Brendan have for “BARON + TOLUCA” show? Would you like to join forces with these two again? You guys were awesome together as a cast! Greetings from Poland!
Shiri: I’ve heard about it but don’t know much. They’re both so talented, I’m sure it would be amazing. Would love the opportunity to work together again!!

Arlana: Hello!! Love UnReal! Been following since “Life Unexpected” soooo my question is, has playing this character been emotionally taxing? Do they provide you counseling or a therapist or do like a “Weekly Check-in with Shiri” to make sure you’re still with it and not delving into a deep dark hole personally? Thanks for your time!
Shiri: I wish they did!! No, as the actor it’s your job to take care of yourself emotionally. I have a wonderful support system with my friends and family and have been working for long enough that I’ve learned how to keep my work on set :) Thanks for the great question!!

Jeremy: Hi Shiri! I loved you in Roswell. Any idea if there will ever be a reunion episode? Thanks and much love ❤️
Shiri: Hi Jeremy! I’d love to do a Roswell reunion but haven’t heard anything about it happening. If I do, you guys will be the first to know! Thanks for all the support!!

Shiri: Taking off now!! See you all soon – I’ll be on The View and SETH MEYERS tomorrow night. Tune in!!