Alien Nation: Millenium on Sci-Fi Channel this weekend

Thanks to RBS722 for sending this in…

The TV movie Alien Nation: Millenium will be airing on the Sci-Fi Channel this weekend. Jason Behr is included in the cast.


Alien Nation: Millennium
120 min.

Sikes and Francisco go after a cult leader (Kerrie Keane) who’s using a mind-expanding artifact to lure followers, including Francisco’s son Buck.

Calaban: Steve Flynn. Marina: Susan Diol. Emily: Lauren Woodland. Jason: Brian Markinson. Sikes: Gary Graham. Directed by Kenneth Johnson.

Cast: Eric Pierpoint, Gary Graham, Kerrie Keane, Sean Six, Herta Ware, Steve Flynn, Susan Diol, Brian Markinson, Lauren Woodland, Ron Fassler, JASON BEHR

Rating: NR
Category: Movie, sci-fi & paranormal
Director: Kenneth Johnson
Originating Country: United States
Release Year: 1996

Sat 8/19 1:00 PM SCI-FI
Sun 8/20 3:00 AM SCI-FI