AOL Has New Roswell Area

Thanks to soxgirl45 for this :) and Carme8, Dogbitz, TomYxGirL, KateRoswell for letting me know about this :) I’m off to bed now so I can go get my car repaired yet again

I don’t know if you already know this but if you go to AOL keyword Roswell, a
page will come up with various Roswell goodies. You can post messages about
the show, on Jason Behr, on Katherine Heigl, or on Brendan Fehr. There’s
also a poll asking if you’re a believer in UFO’s and a message board to post
your opinion. On top of that there’s a photo gallery with pictures, a
section telling you about the Roswell books, a link to the official site, and
a transcript of an AOL chat with Jason Behr from April 17, 2000.

Thanks to WildFlowerXF for this >)

I don’t know if anyone’s sent this in yet, but there’s a new section on AOL
all about Roswell. It has pictures, interviews, polls, and a couple of
message boards. The AOL keyword’s Roswell.

Thanks to CHRISKAOH2 for this :)

I don’t know if you guys know, but the AOL welcome page has a link for
Roswell! There’s even the transcript from a chat with Jason Behr. Very nice.
I hope there’s a way for you to all see it.

Thanks to richardken for this :)

Today is the fourth day of AOL advertising Roswell on the AOL Homepage featuring the picture of Katherine Heigl… This is important since AOL is the company that is buying up Time Warner and AOL has over 23 million members that’s a lot of people to expose Roswell to. I hope that this translates in larger ratings..

as noted before Roswell now has an AOL area online at KW: Roswell