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Shiri’s AOL Live Chat Transcript (10-16-01)

Thanks to Kylie for sending this in!

TVGLive2: Welcome Shiri! Thanks for joining us!

TVG Shiri: Hello! How are you? :)

Question: How did you feel about the premiere of Roswelll? ~natasha~
TVG Shiri: I really liked the episode, and I think it went over pretty well.

Question: Do you like the new direction that Roswell is going in?–Kayarra
TVG Shiri: I like the show. It’s the best it’s ever been. It’s a good combination of romance and science fiction.

Question: The fans were very upset that Liz took Max back so easily after his affair with Tess. Why would an intelligent girl like Liz Parker take Max back, with all the baggage he now carries around with him?
TVG Shiri: She truly believes that Max is her shoulmate.

Question: What are the differences between UPN and the WB? What do you like better or worse?
TVG Shiri: I’m really happy to be on the UPN. They’re very supportive of the show, and doing everything they can to make sure that people know where it is. I think moving to the UPN is the best thing that could’ve happened to Roswell.

Question: When us fans put in an ad in Variety to thank you for your efforts as the lead actress on Roswell, we were told the WB gave you a gold bracelet for getting the ad. Is this true? Is there a story behind it?
TVG Shiri: Well, yes, the fans took out an ad. I was incredibly touched and shocked. It made me feel very wonderful and appreciated. But, no, the WB did not give me a gift. :)

Question: Shiri you are an amazing actress and I just wanted to know what your faovrite episode was and which season you thought was the best..?
TVG Shiri: The pilot was my favorite episode. And I guess the first season would’ve been my favorties, if I was comparing the 1st and 2nd season, because everything was so new and exciting.

Question: Hey Shiri! :) I heard that you just finished filming a movie called A Time For Dancing? I loved the book and I know you’ll be wonderful in it! How was it like filming it? and do you have any idea when it will be released? –Sandy
TVG Shiri: I made that movie a year ago from this summer. I loved playing the part of Sam because she was so different from the Liz Parker character. I don’t know when the film is going to be released. It was really fun. It was my first major film experience. It was a really grwat opportunity for me to learn.

Question: What are somethings you do when you are not working on Roswell?
TVG Shiri: I like to go to the famer’s markers on sunday.

Question: How has “liz” changed this season?
TVG Shiri: Well, she’s finally becoming the rebellious teenager. And I think she’s becoming much more comfortable with herself now that she and Max are together.

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Question: Favorite snack food?
TVG Shiri: Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream from Baskin Robbiins. Not exactly a snack food, but… :)

Question: Shiri, can you give us any hints about whether as to whether characters will be leaving the show like regulars Alex and Tess last year?
TVG Shiri: No. No one’s planning on leaving, as far as I know.

Question: Are you still studying anything at USC? Will you be going back in the future?
TVG Shiri: I’m on a leave of absence right now, but I plan to continue my education.

TVGLife2: We are LIVE with Roswell’s Shiri Appleby!

TVGLive2: Roswell airs every Tuesday at 9PMET on UPN!

Question: How far into the filming of this season are you?
TVG Shiri: We’re at I think… episode seven.

Question: Hi Shiri, love the show! If you weren’t involved in acting, what career would you choose? –Vanessa
TVG Shiri: I would love to go back to school and get a degree in either English, Psychology or Law.

Question: Will we ssee any of the dupes on season 3?
TVG Shiri: I don’t think there’s any plan, but I wouldn’t be surprised. \

Question: I have been to Covina over the summer…do you guys still film there? I know you took the crashdown sign..but do u still film around the town?
TVG Shiri: Yes.

Question: Do you havw an offical website? If not, are you in the process of making one? –Kayarra
TVG Shiri: I don’t have one, and I’m not in the process of making one. But, it’s not a bad idea… :)

Question: Hope you are having a great day. I was just wondering who are some people you looked up to in your career or life in general?
TVG Shiri: Well, I always admired Lucille Ball, for being a strong woman and really taking charfe, and making the entertainment world more accessible to women. And I think she’s a comic GENIUS!

Question: Is any more of liz’s powers going to be discoverered this season?
TVG Shiri: Not that I know of.

Question: Can you give us a hint about tonights show??
TVG Shiri: Tonight’s show is about Michael making new friends, and Liz and Max going on an adventure.

Question: What’s next for you, career wise?–Kayarra
TVG Shiri: I made a movie this summer called Swim Fan ’85, that should be coming out soon. Erice Christensen and Jesse Bradford are in it as well. And then I work on Roswell until the end of April.

Question: If you could write one episode of roswell in which anything could happen, what would you have happen?
TVG Shiri: I would like for all of them to go back to the alien world and check it out. See exactly what was happening up there, so that they could relax here on Earth.

Question: What actor or actress would you really like to work with in the future?
TVG Shiri: John Cusack.

Question: Will there be new cast members brought in besides the guy playing Jess?-Skittles
TVG Shiri: I don’t think there are any plans for that right now.

Question: What is your favorite part of acting?
TVG Shiri: The challenge to keep it interesting.

Question: Will there be any more danger, as in FBI agents for the characters to be looking out for?
TVG Shiri: We come across some more bad aliens.

Question: Will we ever see the aliens in their natural form?
TVG Shiri: I don’t know. I think that this is their natural form, but I’m not sure.

Question: What kind of music do you like?
TVG Shiri: Right now I’m listening to Pete Yorn, and Dashport Confessionals, and Ben Harper… and Incubus!

TVGLive2: Roswell airs every Tuesday at 9PMET on UPN!

Question: What advice would u give those who want to become actresses?
TVG Shiri: That if they’re going to be getting into it, they should be doing it for themselves. They need to accept that when they to auditions, that they aren’t being rejected for being them. The people are just looking for something else. And you have to believe in yourself, because if you don’t, no one else will.

Question: Do you ever want to do other things in the entertainment biz, like direct, write or produce?
TVG Shiri: I would love to produce… I would love to do all three.

Question: shiri do you think of your self as a role model ? and if so do you feel pressured about it? —-angie
TVG Shiri: I don’t feel that I’m a role model, but I do know that in some way I’m in the public eye. So, I just try to make smart choices, but I don’t put any pressure on myself than if I were in any other job.

Question: How do you manage to keep yourself grounded when everyone seems to want a piece of you, or some of your time?
TVG Shiri: Well, it’s not hard to decide who wants to hang out with you for what reason. It’s very easy to see through any facade. I have a really good group of people around me that I trust.

TVGLive2: Thanks Shiri! Looking forward to tonight’s ep! PLEASE come back and talk with us again soon!

TVG Shiri: Thanks for talking with me today. I had a lot of fun. And, hopefully, I’ll be back soon! Bye! :)

TVGLive2: Don’t miss Roswell tonight at 9PMET on UPN! Bye!