SciFi Wire: Roswell Stakes High In Season Two

Thanks to SethFish and ITAVAREZA for sending this in:

Roswell Stakes High In Season Two

Ronald D. Moore, co-executive producer of The WB’s teen alien series
Roswell, told that the show has raised the stakes for its central
characters. “The last five or six episodes [of season one] sent them in a
very specific direction,” Moore told the site. “The season finale, called
‘Destiny,’ revealed a great deal about these kids. … Once you laid that
out, it propelled you in a certain direction for the second season. They
couldn’t really ever go back to being just kids.”
Moore added, “After the first of the year, we start a new arc that launches
us in a different direction. That one starts in a pretty dark place, with
Isabel getting flashes of a girl who’s been kidnapped and being held and
tortured someplace. She’s trying to help her and doesn’t know who this girl
One thing not to expect this season: a voyage into outer space. “I don’t
think so,” Moore said. “[Executive producer] Jason [Katims] and I talked
pretty early and said, ‘I think the second you put these kids on spaceships,
or take them into an alien planet, it’s going to change the tone and feel of
Roswell, which feels very much like it belongs here on Earth.’ I think if
you take the kids too far out of that and stick them into something else–if
you put them on the bridge of the Enterprise–I think you’re watching a
different show, and it changes the whole tone of the piece.”