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Majandra Music News from Teenmag.com

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From Teenmag.com:

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Note2: The link to the Yahoo club is not Majandra site. It’s just a club site, where you can see more of her “Still” pics.


Thursday December 14, 2000
As we told you in “Roswell Rocks” Majandra Delfino is gearing up to launch her very first Music CD!

The busy actress/singer had been shooting videos for some forthcoming tracks (see this pic in the meat section of a local grocery store!) and wants you guys to know that you can be one of the first to buy her CD by signing up (for Free) to be a member of the M CAMP – just email ultrahorse@earthlink.net and let them know you’re a fan!

Oh, and Majandra’s site is http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/majandramusicmania Check it out!