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Glamour: Diane Farr’s New Series and Book Mention

Thanks to Bridget for this.

I was reading the February 2001 issue of Glamour and there are few Roswell
affiliated items.

The most prominent was the blub and pic of Dianne Farr. They mention that in
addition to her work on “Roswell” the former Loveline co-host will star in a
new tv “dramedy” series on ABC, in February, with Denis Leary, called “The

She also has a new book coming out from Back Bay Books called “The Girl
Code” which is described as hysterical by “Glamour.” Dianne Farr is quoted
as saying that this book is “NOT a-how-to-get-a-guy book.”

There is also a little blurb on the same page as the Danne Farr mention. And
there are also small pics of cast members Katherine Heigl, in a section
about hairstyle trends and towards the back of the issue is a picture of
Brad Rowe and Brendan Fehr.

Here’s a Mandy Note: According to ABC, which is the channel “The Job” will seen on–it will premiere on March 14 at 9:30 p.m. (Wednesdays) for six weeks. She was in attendance at the ABC Press session but didn’t say much