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Ron Moore: What’s in store for Roswell

SCI-FI Wire has another story on Roswell writer and co-executive producer Ron Moore in their latest installment.

Ron Moore discusses the second half of the second season and gives us some information on future storylines.

Please beware if you are completely spoiler free, there are some hints on various character and couple developments.

Ron Moore: Roswell Returns To Roots

12:00pm ET, 22-January-01

Roswell Returns To Roots

Ronald D. Moore–co-executive producer of The WB’s Roswell–told SCI FI Wire that the second half of the season will see a return to the character drama that characterized the first year, while preserving the stronger SF elements of the current one–and offering a few surprises. “The network had wanted a stronger sci-fi component, and had made that clear in the middle of last season, … but we never really wanted … to lose contact with the human elements of the show, which is what, I think, attracts everyone to the series,” Moore said in an interview. “Even though the sci-fi plot lines have moved to the forefront, … you see that all the emotional storylines are still there, and that we’re playing on a lot of the character development from last season.”

Moore added, “As we approach the second half of the season, we see those elements step forward [and] the plot and the sci-fi elements retreating into the background. … We’ve never seen it as an either/or proposition. … It’s just the rhythm of the show.

“We have some rather big surprises in store for the viewers in terms of what happens among the regular cast,” Moore said. “Revelations about their backstory, where they came from, how they were created on Earth. There are deeper surprises within the group: How they interact, the relationships that form, the relationships that will be broken. The Max-Liz-Tess triangle will be a big component in the run to the end of the season. All the character relationships will. … Michael and Maria are headed for a turn, as are Isabel and Max. Things about the show in the second half of the season to watch are very much the relationships among the characters. That’s where we’re concentrating. That’s where things will happen, as opposed to a great external threat. …We have a direction for [Kyle and Tess], the kind of storyline where Kyle decides to make his play for Tess, and then discovers something he didn’t expect.” And there will be a new enemy, Moore added. “Yes, … there will. But not until the very end.”

Moore said that the outlook for a third season of the teen alien drama is still up in the air. “Everything is just an open question,” he said. “It’s not a sure thing. We hope we get a third season. The ratings are strong, the network is happy with the show, the fan reaction has been great. … It depends on whether there’s a strike or not. … There are just a lot of open questions.”