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Katherine Heigl on News in Dallas

Thanks to TxTrouble for this.

I’m not sure if this is news worthy but I thought I would send it in anyway. It was on the Dallas/Ft. Worth news after Monday’s episode (We Are Family).

Katherine Heigl on News in Dallas/Ft. Worth 1/29/01:

(Voice Over) “One “Roswell” star shares her own dating nightmare”

Starts out with a scene from Skin And Bones where Isabel is talking to the Guard –

“This is so embarrassing but I am completely and utterly lost.”

(Voice Over) “She plays a teenage alien on the hit WB show “Roswell”

Cut to scene of Katherine running down a hall in the movie “Valentine”

(Voice Over) “And now you can also check out Katherine Heigl on the big screen in the new slasher movie “Valentine”. The story centers around five girls who are being stalked by the junior high nerd they once cruelly teased. Heigl told me she’s had some bad experiences too but thankfully nothing involving death.”

Cut to interview with Katherine sitting in front of a poster for “Valentine”

Katherine – “No I had a really bad experience once with a young man and it was when I had just moved out to Hollywood and um and he just was very Hollywood (said in a fun joking manner) and on his cell phone the whole time at dinner and you know talking about all the people he knew and that sort of thing and I’ve never been impressed by that.”

End of news clip.