Roswell Article in XPOSE

Thanks to NS for this:

Article in the XPOSE Special Yearbook 2000/2001 #14.

Roswell: The End Of The World

Article by: Clement K Strobe

The plot: In the beginning we were introduced to ‘Max
and Liz’ – the heart of the show. Then we discovered
that Max was destined to be with Tess, one of his own
kind, and ‘Max and Liz’ became just ‘Max and Liz’.
Despite Liz’s resolve to keep things that way, our
alien Romeo wouldn’t take no for an answer.
Unfortunately, if he gets his wicked way then it means
the end for all of them. To avert such a catastrophe,
Future Max (14 years older, longer hair and a
laid-back attitude to shaving) comes back to the
present, intending to make himself fall out of love…

Best dialogue:
Kyle: (discussing Buddhism) It’s about becoming in
tune with the different planes of existence.

Future Max: (to Liz, in the adjoining room…,) What a
line of crap.

Kyle: Am I taking my boxers off?

Why its so great: This episode exemplifies all that’s
special about the series. It capitalises on the blend
of sci-fi and romance, and in keeping with its teen
drama roots focuses on the characters trying to work
out how to do the right thing.

As a rule, the best Roswell episodes are about Liz
and Max (another highlight of this year being Blind
Date), both Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby really sell
the tragedy of the situation. From moments of comedy
(how they dress Tess) to more tender moments (the
discussion about their wedding), the pair demonstrate
why the series has been so successful.