KC Party Raises Money For PCF

Thanks to the KC Party for sending this in. I have a special kinship to KC since I grew up around that area until I moved to California


I just wanted Crashdown and all Roswell fans to know that you don’t have to
be a big group of people to have a Gathering and raise money for the
Pediatric Cancer Foundation. On April 28th, 14 of us met in Kansas City with
the goal of watching Roswell, and raising money to the PCF with a live
auction. All the items up for auction were generously donated by the fans in
the area and/or the our local WB station.

Here’s what items went for:
Dead Center Roswell Gathering
April 28, 2001
Benefit for Pediatric Cancer Foundation

Candid shot of Jason Behr donated by Christina Radish $80
CD Rom Episodes Roswell $125
CD Rom Episodes Roswell $125
Gandarium-like Necklace $30
Outsider Book autographed by M. Metz $50
Walmart Roswell poster $50
Picture of Max & Liz $25
Silver Rings Susan (Catwoman) $37
Postcard (Max & Liz) WB62 $16
Poster: Roswell (1st season) $50
Professional Roswell VHS Tape: Christmas Carol $46
Professional Roswell VHS Tape: Skin & Bones $45
Professional Roswell VHS Tape: Pilot $45
Original Max and Liz Painting $15

Total: $739.00

Thanks to Rooney for this :)

Roswell fans in the Dead Center of the United States gathered in Kansas City this weekend. Besides watching and discussing episodes of Roswell, an auction benefiting the Pediatric Cancer Foundation was held.

With 14+ fans in attendance and generous auction donations, we raised over $730 for this charity.

The party concluded by attending Brendan Fehr’s movie “The Forsaken”.