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Brendan is going to auction “Roswell” collector’s items …

Brendan gives some more information about the golf tournament and answers questions in his recent post. In addition, he is planing to sell some “Roswell” goodies and other collector’s items by auction.

[…] Off the top of my head I will have the following available (some good, some bad, some ugly): the shirt I play the actually tournament in can be up for grabs I suppose, some balls (those’ll probably going go for a lot. Wait. What?! Golf balls aren’t that expensive though? Ohhhhhhhhhhh!) Let’s just change that to some GOLF balls, scorecard from event, a Calvin Klein black t-shirt worn on Roswell with “Michael” written on the tag that was not written by me but by the wardrobe dept. It’s an official Roswell tee, I promise. This stuff is just all off the top of my head and no value (at all) is assumed. Now without anymore caveats (besides some of these will be silent auction stuff as well) here’s some other stuff I can scrounge together: scripts, some stuff signed by Boreanaz, Deschanel and other Bones cast members. I gonna try and get my buddy Carmine from CSI:NY (yeah, yeah all us CSI guys hang out) to get some signed stuff from him and his co-stars (Sinise yay!) I actually think I have the rings I wore on Roswell but the bid would have to be pretty high for me to give them up but it’s possible. (I’m a little bit of a collector (packrat) myself). Now that was brackets in brackets. I’m just crazy right now. Umm… I’m sure I have a few more things but I can’t think of any right now. If you guys have anything in particular in mind please post and ask/suggest/command. Like I said I believe in this cause and want to raise as much as possible and will try to accommodate any request as best I can. Please keep posting your questions, suggestions, needs, wants, desires (as bananas as they may be) and I’ll get back to you. […]

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July 16, 2009
Really, really, really important stuff

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