Colin Hanks Scheduled For Leno In 2002..

Thanks to everyone who sent this information in to me about Colin on Leno. Here is the press release from the NBC Media Site. Scroll down to January 3..

Published: December 20, 2001

Friday, December 21: Guests include actress Halle Berry, comedian Bob Marley and music by The Paulist Choristers of California.

Monday, December 24: Pre-empted.

Tuesday, December 25: Guests include actor Will Smith and music by Neil Diamond.

Wednesday, December 26: Guests include actor Jamie Foxx and comedian Maria Bamford, music by Alien Ant Farm.

xThursday, December 27: Guests include actor Billy Bob Thornton, Jules Sylvester with reptiles and music by Barry Manilow.

Friday, December 28: Guests include actor Elijah Wood and music by Tantric.

Monday, December 31: Special New Year’s Eve telecast with guests including talk show host Bill Maher, a performance by Blue Man Group and music by Chris Isaak.

Tuesday, January 1: Guests include talk show host/actress Kelly Ripa.

Wednesday, January 2: Guests include actor Kevin Spacey, beauty pageant winner “Miss Hooker” and music by Jamie O’Neal.

Thursday, January 3: Guests include director Ron Howard, actor Colin Hanks and music by Outkast.

Friday, January 4: Guests include actress Michelle Pfeiffer, actor Richard Gere and music by Ja Rule.

xMonday, January 7: Guests include actor George Clooney, penguin man Ken Hodgkins and music by R. Kelly.

xTuesday, January 8: Guests include actor Russell Crowe, inventor Dean Kamen and music by Sting.

xWednesday, January 9: Guests include actor Tom Cruise and music by Elton John.

(x denotes changes/additions)