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Majandra and Brendan on Toy’s for Tots toy drive

Majandra was kind enough to post this… on her message board last night.

Hi guys. I just wanted to see if anyone else is interested in supporting this really great cause. I am really into it and wanted to ask anyone if they were interested in helping out as well. You know my take on helping out
children in need , our little angels without a choice. So please if this appeals to anyone in anyway, please at least consider making a teeny tiny effort to help an innocent angel have a huge huge smile. Anything will make a difference, so if you have that to give-do give. If this does not speak to you I completely understand but for those to whom it does thank you, thank
you, thank you.

Love and Bruises,


M.A.D. “

Brendan posted the following message on his board a few weeks ago about the Toy’s for Tot’s auction and toy drive.

Hey guys just me letting you know it’s a great charity and organization and
will really help people out and great to do for the holidays. Really think about it and not just my stuff I mean but about giving up something of yourself during this time for others. Thanks and have a great holiday season.
Geez, I sound like a bad Hallmark card.

“I’m choking on a BAD seed.” It’s called Hollywood. “

The Campaign was notified that the cash donations made in the name of the Roswell/UPN has so far totaled $200. I know that we can do much better. If you have volunteered time, or donated a toy be sure to let us know at! To find out how to help please read this news item.

Roswell fans have a reputation of being both passionate, and compassionate
let’s prove this to be true.

Toy's for Tods