LeadingMajandra Delfino

Majandra live show in NY

Majandra Delfino will be performing her very first live show in New York in April, this reports MajandraMusicMania.

The show will take place at CB 313 Gallery at 9 pm on Thursday April 11, 2002.

It is all ages and tickets should be between $10 and $15 dollars. They Majandra and her Crew are trying to get another show on Saturday- 04/13 to give people from surrounding areas some drive time. They are also working on an after party. There are only 200 seats available, so plan ahead and get your tickets as soon as they go on sale. Anthony was not sure when the tickets will be selling but he says you can call and ask @ CB 313 Gallery tel. (212) 677-0455. Here is the url for directions: http://www.cbgb.com/directions.htm