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Everyone is talking about Roswell

Majandra Delfino got the ball rolling when she played an April’s Fool joke on her followers. When she uncovered the prank she told her fans “Believe me though, no one wishes it were true more than I do!”.

And now, everyone is talking about Roswell.

A fan (thanks Erin!) took this chance to create a new “We want a Roswell Movie!” petition, which currently has 439 signatures in total.

Thanks to the internet and social networks like Twitter fans, actors and authors are closer then they’ve been in the past.. Melinda Metz, the author of the awesome “Roswell High” books and her friend and writing partner Laura J. Burns, who developed and edited the book series, did RT’s on Twitter as well as Majandra Delfino… and William Sadler signed the Petition:

There’s so much more to tell. Make sure to sign the Petition and let everyone know! For updates please follow @roswell_fans on Twitter and visit

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