Review of John Doe’s CD; Doe on tour & CD Info

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(Boston) Metro newspaper, page 18, Sept 6, 2002, review of John Doe’s new CD
“Dim Stars, Bright Sky” by Ken Capobianco (small photo of Doe with glasses,
droopy moustache and soul patch)

The former leader of (band) X continues his solo career with a mostly acoustic
set of solid, if unspectacular, love songs. Doe adds the harmonies and co-lead
vocals of the likes of Juliana Hatfield, Aimee Man, Jane Wiedlin and Jakob
Dylan. The problem is that the singer/songwriter, with co-producers Joe Henry
and Dave Way, bury these artists in the mix and they barely register. The best
songs like “Faraway (From the North Country)” and the country-tinged lament
“Employee of the Month” feature Doe alone and he gives them an emotional depth
some of the other tunes don’t have. The music is spare – acoustic guitars and
lilting piano dominate and the record has an intimate quality more reflective of
X’s later years or Doe’s work with the Knitters. Ultimately, Doe has always had
a keen understanding of how fragile relationships can be and how much love’s in
need of love today and many of these songs get it right.
* * *

John Doe is appearing September 24 in concert at Somerville (Mass.) Theatre.

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John Doe has a new CD, “Dim Stars Bright Sky” comes out, next Tuesday, September 10, 2002, if anyone is interested