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Katherine Heigl – Evil Never Dies

From Kheigl.com a couple of news items about Katherine’s movie

From TBS Superstation:

“He was a violent criminal, destroying countless lives before being executed for his transgressions on humanity. Now, advanced science is giving him life once again…and the chance to enact his bloody revenge.

Thomas Gibson (Dharma and Greg) and Katherine Heigl (Roswell) star in the TBS Superstation Original Movie, Evil Never Dies, a modern-day variation on the Frankenstein story with a dark twist. Gibson plays a police officer who loses his
wife at the hands of a brutal murderer. After being transferred to patrol duty at a prestigious college, Gibson discovers that the now-executed murderer is part of a professor’s strange experiment that results in his being brought back to life, his murderous drive still intact. Heigl plays the professor’s assistant.

Evil Never Dies premieres June 1 on TBS Superstation.”


“Katherine Heigl: The next time Roswell fans see this lovely actress, she will be causing some problems for Thomas Gibson (Dharma & Greg) in the TBS Superstation’s original horror flick Evil Never Dies. In the film, set to debut on the cable channel this summer, Gibson plays a cop who finds out that the executed killer who murdered his wife has been brought back to life by a college experiment. Heigl plays the crafty assistant of the professor who did the naughty ‘Frankenstein’ deed. Drool factor: 9.