Interesting Facts about “Brick”

As reported before Brick is going to have it’s world premiere at the Sundance Festival in Utah.

On the official Brick website a temporarily press page was added. There you can find a very nice article about this festival acceptance. The article was published in the Daily Echo on December 18, 2004, which is the composer’s town newspaper. Nathan Johnson is the “Brick Music Man” responsible for the completely instrumental soundtrack. (And he is the cousin of Rian Johnson who has written and directed this movie.) Nathan tells the newspaper, that he was thrilled to find out that they were going to Sundance.

“It’s probably the top festival, at least as far as they go in America, so I’m very excited. Brick is one of 16 chosen for the dramatic competition, and over 700 entries were submitted.”

The Sundance Festival is taking place on January 20 – 30, 2005.
Read the news item on Brickmovie. If you like to read the complete article take a look here: Press page.