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‘Grey’s’ beats ‘Housewives’ for second straight week

On zap2it.com the article “‘Anatomy’ of Sunday Nights Changing – ‘Grey’s’ beats ‘Housewives’ for second straight week” was published on February 20, 2006:

For the second straight week, ABC’s young-doctors-in-love drama “Grey’s Anatomy” beat its Sunday-night lead-in, the heretofore indomitable “Desperate Housewives,” in the ratings on Sunday (Feb. 19). The show’s feat is all the more impressive for having taken place opposite heavier-than-usual competition from NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics.

“Grey’s Anatomy” gathered about 24.3 million viewers on Sunday, continuing a run of big audiences that began with its post-Super Bowl broadcast on Feb. 5. That episode brought in close to 38 million people, the most for the post-game program in five years.

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