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Article about I-See-You.com

I-See-You.com has its world premiere today at 1 p.m. in the Isis Theater. The premiere takes place in Aspen as part of the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival’s Film Discovery Program. This news can be found in today’s article “Timing everything for ‘I-See-You.com'” on AspenTimes.com. The text is about Eric Steven Stahl – the director and author of this comedy.

To the rescue comes their 17-year-old son Colby (Matthew Botuchis), who wires the house with Web cams. With attractions like his hot stepsister Randi (Shiri Appleby) and the family’s money woes, i-see-you.com becomes a hit – and a financial savior. When the rest of the family finds how their lives have become fodder for the public, they are torn between outrage and opportunism. “I-See-You.com” examines how far people really will go for fame and fortune.

Read the full article and interview on Aspentimes.com. In this movie Shiri plays a character named Randi.