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Colin ‘who?’ wants a hotdog

On December 11, 2006 an article titled “Locals witness everyday life of stars in Shreveport” was published on Different movies have been shot lately in the Shreveport Area and the author Alexandyr Kent writes about locals, running into the big names. And since Meg Ryan, Antonio Banderas and Colin Hanks filmed “Homeland Security” in Shreveport, this article includes a story with Colin Hanks, too.

Jennifer Blunt was working a Hot Dog Man vending cart in downtown Shreveport when a guy who looked like a banker walked up and ordered a dog.

“It was Colin Hanks, but I didn’t recognize him,” Blunt said. No worries. Tom Hanks’ son’s star is just starting to rise on the Hollywood horizon. “Orange County” is his biggest film to date. “Homeland Security,” which Hanks shot in Shreveport with Ryan, Blair and Antonio Banderas, likely will change his star power.

“I think he just came over because he liked hot dogs,” Blunt said matter of factly.

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