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Cute story – Colin Hanks

Since the news is slow today I thought I’d pass on a story that I enjoyed over at Roswell Fanatics Fanfiction’s board for Colin. I would like to credit JRose for sharing it with us all! Thanks JRose!

“A friend works at a clothing store in L.A. and this month she said some scruffy dressed guy was trying on all these pairs of shoes and couldn’t decide what he was going to buy, so then he said, “Hold on, I’m gonna go get my dad, he’ll help me.” and in walked in his dad–Tom Hanks! (LMAO) Then it hit her that he kinda looked familiar and was like “OMG You’re Alex!” and he laughed! LOL”

Ya know, I’d probably do the same thing – only I’d probably trip over my words, drop things in his presense, and well, I’d probably have passed out the moment he entered the store!!