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LA Times Blog about “Life UneXpected”

The LA Times Blog features an article about the upcoming mid-season show “Life UneXpected” that will air on the CW network in 2010.

This fall, the CW will have a new version of “Melrose Place.” Tagline: Tuesday is the new Hump Day. The network will also have “The Beautiful Life: TBL,” about models in the cutthroat fashion industry. “The Vampire Diaries” is, in brief, a weekly version of “Twilight,” complete with blood, raging vampire lust and a young love triangle at its core.

Then there’s “Life Unexpected,” the story of a teenager named Lux who reunites with her birth parents when she files for emancipation from the foster system.


Read the text in full:
TCA Press Tour: ‘Life Unexpected’ brings back memories of the WB

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