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Shiri talks “Life UneXpected” and mentions “Roswell”, too

iesb.net spoke with Shiri Appleby about playing the young mother of a teenager on “Life UneXpected”. The new mid-season show is going to premiere next year on CW.

In addition “Roswell” is mentioned a couple of times in the interview by Christina Radish. Shiri explains, that after Roswell she wanted a bit of a break and do al lot of different roles.

Q: After Roswell, it seems like you really tried to mix it up, especially in the cable stuff that you did. Was that a conscious decision? Were you seeking out certain scripts, or did they just happen to come your way?

Shiri: Definitely, after Roswell, I wanted to just take a bit of a break and do a lot of different roles to just figure out who I was. I think acting can be a great tool for that. I was definitely wanting to get back into television, in a serious way. I did Six Degrees, I did the final season of E.R., and I did two pilots that weren’t lucky enough to get this far.

But, in terms of TV, you realize it is a big commitment and, after having such great success on Roswell, and finding such a wonderful fan base, I felt like it was important to find a show that I could really connect to and feel really proud of. And, this is something that I’m really proud of, and feel very lucky and grateful to be a part of. So, it was just a matter of finding something that I could respond to, and this is the story that I am very excited to be telling.


Q: When this came your way, had you been looking for another series?

Shiri: Yeah. I’ve been looking for awhile, but I didn’t want to just do a TV show. I wanted to do something I’m really proud of and that can connect, in the way that Roswell did. Having that as my first experience, you realize that it can be powerful for people, so I want to live up to that.


Shiri is still in contact with Colin Hanks of the Roswell cast. He lives in New York, too.

The interview by Christina Radish gives a lot of information about the new show, so please visit iesb.net and read the interview in full: Interview: Shiri Appleby gets LIFE UNEXPECTED