Roswell, NM – “Hold Me” Trailer

“Hold me in your arms…” A short teaser trailer for The CW’s “Roswell, New Mexico” has been released. The 40 sec. video makes clear what viewers can expect from the show: A Mystery. A Legend. A Love.

“Roswell, New Mexico” premieres Tuesday, January 15 at 9/8c on The CW, and available next day free only on The CW App.

The CW wrote on their social media pages: “Their love knows no bounds. #RoswellNM arrives January 15 on The CW.”, while the showrunner added a long message to the post on Instagram:

Hey, so. I had a really wonderful and really awful year. The catharsis involved a lot of 90s music, a lot of road trips through wide open spaces, a lot of tequila, a lot of poetry, and some really spectacular people – many of whom have been in the trenches of beautiful New Mexico making this special show with me. I put my whole entire (kinda bruised) heart into it and then a whole bunch of other people threw in seat, blood, and tears. #RoswellNM starts Tuesday, January 15 on The CW. Watch it live, if you can. It’s the first thing I’m putting out into the world that is MINE, and I hope you love it.

Lily Cowles, who plays Isobel, replied “Love you so much. What an honor it’s been to be able to work with you.”.