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Sky1 “Lost” Interview with Emilie de Ravin

Emilie de Ravin speaks to the Sky1 HD superfan about re-adjusting to island life and the significance of Aaron in the final season. You can watch the interview on YouTube, thanks to www.emilie-online.net for the link.

In the “TV Q&A with Rob Owen” on post-gazette.com a Lost/Emilie de Ravin question has been answered which you can read here:

Q: Saw your “Lost” article this week. Tell me you’ve seen the premiere … tell me it’s awesome … give me some hints! — Ben, 27, Pittsburgh

Rob: For the final season, “Lost” producers are playing coy because there are spoilers galore in the first episode. “I think I had to read [the script] about three times before it actually made sense,” said actress Emilie de Ravin, who returns to the show as Claire. “Totally does, but just getting my mind wrapped back into it.”

The past two years ABC has screened the season premiere in advance for critics but this time, fearing that to say anything about the episode would give away too much, TV critics will have to watch it on Feb. 2 just like everyone else.

The full text can be found here.