New “Life Unexpected” episode airs tonight

Tonight you can watch another brand new “Life Unexpected” episode, starring Shiri Appleby episode at 9/8 central on the CW!

On her public Facebook, Shiri told her fans:

Shiri Appleby: “Check out an all new episode of Life Unexpected tonight at 9pm on The CW! Hope you enjoy it!!!”

Kristoffer Polaha who guest starred on “Roswell” and plays Baze on the new CW show added:

Kristoffer Polaha: “All right people, it’s about to happen again so call your parents, your siblings, your grandparents, your friends and family, the people who are kinda friends, the people who consider themselves your friend but that you don’t really like, and your flat out enemies (we need to keep them close you know) and tell them all to watch “LIFE UNEXPECTED” tonight at 9/8 central on the CW. Thanks!!! “