The Examiner – Celebrity Q&A with The Good Guys

Colin and Bradley recently chatted about “The Good Guys” with reporters during a telephone conference call. Please read the full interview on the website of the Examiner.

[…] What is it about your character that attracted you to take the role?

Hanks: Brad, do you want me to buy you some time?

Whitford: No, I was just going to say lusty, unhinged, post alcoholism.

Hanks: OK. So much of the stuff that I end up sort of reading for or people want me [to read] for is the sort of same guy surrounded by a bunch of crazy people, and this was not necessarily that dynamic. This was much more of a two-hander between two guys who are both equally flawed in very, very different reasons, for very different reasons.

And more importantly, Jack was the guy that spoke back. He talked back to people. It wasn’t just him reacting all the time to, “Why are you so crazy? Why can’t you be normal?” Jack actually has an attitude toward Dan sometimes, and he lets Dan know when he’s not happy. I like being able to read a character that actually stood up for himself.

Colin, a lot of times actors take things from their own life to their characters. Do you think as a newly married man, that will affect your character on “The Good Guys” at all?

Hanks: No, not at all. I think really it’s personality more than anything else and life experiences for sure, but Jack is not nearly as emotionally and relationship balanced as I am. And there’s a lot of comedy gold out there to be found in terms of Jack’s inability to maintain a relationship and his sort of will-he-won’t-he relationship with Jenny Wade’s character, Liz. So, I don’t think me being married will really affect Jack too much, but it’ll definitely make me feel a whole lot better about making a fool out of myself at work knowing that I’ve got a wife back home who cares for me deeply no matter how big of a fool I make out of myself. […]

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