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TV Guide Canada – Colin Hanks Interview

TV Guide Canada caught up with Colin Hanks at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, Calif., this past January to chat about his genes, his stint on Mad Men, and of course, being a “Good Guy.”

[…] TVG: Have you ever thought of growing a moustache similar to Bradley Whitford’s?
CH: I would if it came out in a dark colour. Mine comes out blond, so it doesn’t really look too good. Bradley’s looks more like a porn star; mine looks more like a child porn star. That’s probably not appropriate for what you’re writing.

TVG: Can you talk a bit about the evolution of your acting, going from being the funny-looking guy in previous roles, to actually getting to say funny things in this series?
CH: I guess I sort of did it well. For some reason, there was a period where that kind of comedy was very popular. Take one dude, make him this sort of straight guy, embarrass the hell out of him, and all the people around him will be really crazy and zany and we’ll just wait for him to explode. That’s fine, and I did it, I had a good time, but eventually I sort of required something else.

TVG: Like this role.
CH: Yes — this was something that was so obviously two-handed opposites really going at each other and letting each other sort of have it, in a way that I thought was really great and really funny. The chance just to be able to be reading a character and seeing all the stuff that he’s going up against, and then him actually saying something about it was sort of liberating for me. So I’m very much looking forward to being able to do that. […]

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