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Hot Canucks in Hollywood

MSN Entertainment Canada named 14 actors and actresses “Hot Canucks in Hollywood”. Brendan Fehr is listed as well as Neve Campbell, Anna Paquin, Erica Durance, Ryan Reynolds or Evangeline Lilly.

Read what they say about Brendan:

After his steady gig on “Roswell” came to an end, Fehr seemed to fall off the Hollywood grid. But he’s made steady TV appearances with a guest arc on “CSI: Miami” a few years back and now appearing sporadically on “Bones” as Booth’s brother. Now if only we could get him his own star vehicle!

In April Brendan Fehr was back home in Canada for the shooting of the television movie “Ice Quake” for SyFy. He plays a geologist named Michael Webster. The cast includes Holly Dignard, Jodelle Ferland, Ryan Grantham and Aaron Pearl.