Emilie de RavinLeading

Emilie talks about her new project

Iltalehti.fi spoke with Emilie de Ravin about her new project during the lunch break on the sixth day of shooting.

The actress got the script back in March 2011. Emilie reveals that she wanted to to a comedy for a long time. The script for “Love and Other Troubles” – an almost romantic comedy – has been written by Samuli Valkama and Katri Manninen. Emilie told the magazine The manuscript was the most original comedy, which has been offered to me.”

Emilie read it and loved it at once. “We try to do something new with the genre”, the director explained.

The movie is a bilingual project, filmed in Finnish and Englisch and it’s an interesting challenge for the Australian actress. Emilie reveals, that she didn’t know much about the country. She arrived in Finland in early July where the film is in production since July 19. Since she loves to travel, Emilie had a great time to get to know the surroundings before the production started. The movie is scheduled to be a Finnish film, but Emilie believes in the movie and she thinks that “Love and Other Troubles” will surely be a success in other countries as well. “Sam has a unique sence of humor,” Emilie explains.

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