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E!Online Fall TV Preview: Revenge

As already reported, the 13-episode first season of “Revenge” is premiering on September 21st on ABC. When E!Online reviewed the upcoming show, they came to the verdict: “Revenge is a dish best served watched. (How’s that for a pun?!) Seriously, this show has the potential to become your next guilty pleasure.”

In addition they have some more information on Nick’s role available:

Jack (Wechsler): Emily’s old childhood crush who has remained in town to help his father with his struggling business. You’ll love him instantly because he named his boat “Amanda” after his long-lost sandbox love. He has no idea his Amanda is now Emily. “He’s the one person that reminds her of her past and he’s the one person that can break down those walls,” VanCamp explains, “which ultimately makes him the one she fears the most.”

Please read the full review here: Fall TV Preview: Meet Your New Favorite Guilty Pleasure…Revenge

Will you watch?