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Article: Brendan Fehr on discovering the undead

Brendan Fehr is currently in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan filming a zombie movie called “13 Eerie”. Check out this new article on the mjtimes website: Brendan Fehr on discovering the undead

Brendan Fehr plays Daniel, an undergraduate criminal sciences student in the horror movie. He told the Times-Herald about his role “He’s a forensic pathologist undergraduate at the University of Washington. This is a field trip test and one of the exercises our professors puts us through is to determine the death of certain corpses.”

[…] Fehr said the professor has placed corpses around the island (Moose Jaw’s animal park) for the students to find… but what they don’t expect to discover is some undead criminal zombies.

Fehr said so far a lot of the filming has been quite easy but the special effects work is starting to come in to play.

“Once people start dying off and having limbs cut off, the special effects come in, which is when it starts getting more interesting on some levels and tedious on others.

“I get shot at some point so there will be some blood and they have to shoot me. They usually put a squib in and it’s a miniature bomb and it blows out and they pack it with blood and guts. You time it with the gun shot so they are actually putting a bomb on you. A squib sounds nicer though,” he said.

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