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“Dating Rules” – Interview Round-Up

The Alloy Entertainment web series “Dating Rules From My Future Self” premiered on January 9, 2012. Several articles and interviews have been published online:

On January 6, 2012 a short interview with Shiri has been released in the Celeb Love section of www.yourtango.com. The actress talked about her new web series, her past dating life and offered some tips.

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Shiri Appleby On Her New Show, ‘Dating Rules’ – Part 1, January 6, 2012
Shiri Appleby On Her New Show, ‘Dating Rules’ – Part 2, January 6, 2012

MTV’s Hollywood Crush released an article on the “Dating Rules” premiere last Monday. They spoke with Shiri Appleby about the show and why she wanted to be a part of the Alloy web series. Shiri revealed:

“I was really wanting to be a part of it because I think it’s that moment that a woman starts clicking into that voice in her head. And sort of see future Lucy as that [voice]. That’s the moment where Lucy’s subconscious, in the form of these text messages, [weighs in on her life]. One of my very favorite shows growing up and even now, in repeats, is “Sex and the City,” and I’m like “Where is that show? I want to see it today with my friends.'”

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Shiri Appleby Likens New Web Series ‘Dating Rules’ To ‘Sex And The City’, January 9, 2012

An exclusive interview with Dating Rules’s lead actress was published on January 11th on Small Screen Scoop. In this great interview “Life Unexpected” is mentioned and Shiri reveals that the whole LUX group is still really close, “so I sort of feel like I still have it a bit.” It’s the first time that Shiri serves as producer and she shares some pretty interesting informations about the “Dating Rules” casting and fashion and style.

In addition, Shiri mentioned another project she is currently working on. This interview is a must-read!

Check it out here:
Exclusive Shiri Appleby Interview: ‘Dating Rules From My Future Self’, January 11, 2012

Cupid’s Pulse chatted with Shiri Appleby about her new web series “Dating Rules From My Future Self” and how it relates to her personal life. Shiri also shares some great dating advice with the visitors of www.cupidspulse.com.

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Shiri Appleby Dishes about New Web Series ‘Dating Rules From My Future Self’, January 13, 2012