Read An Excerpt of Roswell S4E3: The Unpredictable

The busy author of the fan-made fourth season was kind enough to give us an interview about what you can expect in the fan-fiction. In addition, you can find excerpts on

“The first half of the season focuses more on the second generation whereas the second half includes the first generation more.” Tessitura told us.

This little scene features Michael and Maria’s daughter, Lenny Guerin and her best friend Samantha.

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Season 4, Episode 3 Excerpt: The Unpredictable


1. I actually encourage you to read my writings in the DARK and while wearing HEADPHONES.

2. BEFORE reading, scroll through the entire episode. If you see YouTube VIDEOS, be sure to load all videos in the order that they appear so that they are pending and ready to view when you get to them in the episode. The numbers proceeding “Enter Song” states how long to leave it playing.

3. I encourage you to message me ideas, feedback, suggestions or media (photos, videos, music, etc.) that you’d like to be taken under consideration. I try to make this as close to an actual Season 4 of Roswell (had it actually happened) as possible and I want the fans to be completely satisfied.

4. “~ ~” signifies what would normally be a “commercial break” and “—” signifies a skip from one location (aka “scene”) or situation to another.

5. Episodes will obviously be a lot shorter than what they would be on television. It would be like writing a novel every two weeks if I wrote enough for a 45 minute show. And I don’t think anyone wants that.

6. The title “PREVIOUSLY” before every episode (besides the first episode obviously) is a way to catch up on the previous key points of the previous episode if you missed one. But I encourage you read all episodes because they are very time consuming on my behalf.

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After the party, Lenny and Sam went back to Lenny’s place. They talked over hot chocolate and junk food. Food wrappers were laying all over the sofa and an old episode of Friends was on. It was late enough that they both should have been in bed, but neither of them cared enough. The topic at hand was far too interesting. 

“Sam…” Lenny says in a disappointed voice. “Seth is the biggest jerk of Roswell High…”

“He’s not that bad…”

“Sam!” Lenny says, this time with a smile. “He cheats on every last one of his exams. Besides, he has a new girlfriend like every semester.” Lenny actually began to laugh a little, unable to handle the matter.

“Shut up, he does not. You’re just jealous because your boyfriend didn’t go to the party and ask you out…”

“What?? Who?” After Lenny really had to ask, Sam smiled and tilted her head.

“Oh please, do you really think it’s a secret at this point? I see the way you look at Alex…”

“Alex? Alex Wayde?? What, because we sit next to each other in biology? Besides. Alex…and this face?” points to herself. “No.”

“You honestly don’t think he likes you?” Lenny gives Sam a look.

Samantha… let’s be real.” 

“No, I’ve been sitting there and watching you two both stare at each other across the lunch room, or the hallway, or the class room, or the parking lot, and not say a word to one another. I mean what is up?”

Lenny sighs. “It isn’t what you think… It isn’t. I don’t even have time for guys right now. Besides, my mom would die if she knew I was dating. It’s just not the right time.”

Sam shakes her head. “Well…speak for yourself. Now that Seth and I are going steady, I’m thinkingggggg….movies?” she asks Lenny, wanting her approval on the first official date.
“Oh, give me a break!” Lenny laughs. “The guy just asked you out and you’re practically making wedding plans”

Sam shrugs and plays along. “Well, you know a girl like me has to be prepared.”

Lenny smirked and looked down. “Yeah…I catch your drift. But you can’t predict everything…”

Sam looked confused. “Why not?”

“Why not? I don’t know…” Lenny thinks of how to explain it by leaning back against the sofa and sighing, staring at the ceiling. “Things just come at you in life….you know?”

Sam shrugs. “Doesn’t always…”

Lenny corrected as she reached down to the table to pick up her glass of water. “Always.”

“What you’re telling me you don’t believe in fate? In destiny?”

“Are you telling me you do?”


Lenny chuckles. “You can’t be serious. You think Seth asking you out was destiny?”

Sam think out loud. “I think things… happen for a reason”

“And what about a kid who dies of malaria in Africa. Do you think that happened for a reason?”

Sam looks down at her hands as if she were deep in thought. “Everything happens for a reason”

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***DISCLAIMER: The preceding literature is a work of FAN FICTION and is in no way affiliated with the images, actors, producers, writers or studios of any similar names or titles. I am not profiting in any fashion from this work and is rather an appreciation of the original story/series.

Please visit and read the full episode online. A free download of each episode is available in PDF format, as well. On the Tumblr page for this fan-fiction work, you can find four episodes so far. Make sure to read them and don’t forget to leave Feedback.

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