#RoswellRewatch – Where To Watch?

We are looking forward to your comments and tweets during your #RoswellRewatch! Please make sure to tweet us @crashdowncom and don’t forget to check out the Friends = Fans campaign.

If you don’t own the Roswell DVD Box Sets, there are plenty options to watch the show online.

Fans from the US have a great selection of Video On Demand services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. On Hulu Plus all three season’s are available online for you to watch at any time.

Though, some episodes can be watched for free like the “Pilot”, “Blind Date”, “Independance Day”, “Sexual Healing” or “Crazy”. Please check the listing here, since the episodes expire after some time. According to Hulu, five episodes from season 1 are available at any given time. A new episode is added each Monday. You have to subscribe to Hulu Plus to watch the full series run of all 3 seasons on your TV and mobile devices.

Fans can watch the show via Netflix online or streaming right to other devices, too. This service is available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, United Kingdom, Ireland and Netherlands. In addition, Roswellians living in Finland can watch the show on Netflix. Nordic countries are served as well except Iceland.

You can buy the episodes digital via iTunes or Amazon, too. If you have an Amazon Prime account the episodes are available for streaming for free! Thanks to Vicki for that. (Even if the people at Amazon think that it’s Liz Porter who discovers a fellow high school classmate has otherwordly powers..)

Shereen had a good suggestion, too! Check out your local library and borrow the seasons for your re-watch.

And one final suggestion courtesy of Sarah and I: invite your friends over and make a party of your #RoswellRewatch! Or, step out from behind the tree and invite that special someone!

Thanks to Vicki, Emmiina, Alisha, Suzy, Sofie, Frank, Joanna, Barbara, Sheila, Heather, Nina, Shanna, Shereen, Kat, Michelle, Christa, Shereen, and Lizeth.

Please write us, if you can add some further information.

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