15 Years Of Roswell – What Fans Say – Paige


“Here’s the thing… after fifteen years, Roswell still isn’t a show. It’s a escape.

No matter what happens in my life, no matter the disappointing encounters I face in my minimum wage job, Max and Liz are there to sweep me away.

I’m a full time student with a job in a restraunt less then glamorous. And sometimes I need that little spark. That little spark of wit, innocence, romance and danger to keep my head from exploding over the woman crying at her table over too many pickles on her sandwich.

Roswell is my own little world I get to keep inside and reference every time I think the real world is too scary and stressful to face.

Roswell is that story I never get tired of or the song that takes me back to a time of sunshine and romance.”

Why is “Roswell” so special to you: even after 15 years? Submit your message now!

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