Roswell – New Netflix Reboot Campaign

“Prison Break” is the latest TV series to get a reboot. “The X-Files” as well as “Heroes” will be back for a limited season, in addition Netflix will air a sequel to “Full House” next year.

Many fans agree, that “Roswell” would be perfect for an event series, as well.

No sooner said than done and the folks from created a new campaign which focuses on Netflix only.

A Reboot? Yes, and here is the answer to the question many fans might ask first:

By Reboot, we mean renewing Roswell for season FOUR on NETFLIX, starring the original or most of the original cast. It’s been happening with other shows via Netflix (full house, arrested development, etc.) why can’t ‪#‎Roswell‬ be one of those shows?

SIGN THIS PETITION if this is something you’d like to see happen!


Please visit, read more about it and sign the petition. Also, it’s pretty easy to show your support. Just spread the word and schedule your next #RoswellRewatch on Netflix.

The Roswell Movie petition is still online, too. Please sign if you haven’t done so already.