Baron And Toluca

B+T Fanart Contest – Please RT & Vote With A Like

Ready. Set. Go!

The Twitter campaign just started a few minutes ago (at 6 PM EST) and we ask all the fans to show Netflix that you really want Baron And Toluca. This time, we want to do a little test run of our “FanArtFriday” contest idea. Thank you for your help Mireya!

We just tweeted all four arts via the @crashdowncom Twitter account. Now, please retweet all of them. After all, images are more likely to be noticed during tweeting than text tweets and we think some beautiful fan art even more!

Since, this is a little contest as well, please share some B+T love with the like button and vote for your favorite graphic. Of course, you can give all these arts a like, too! (Voting closes on Sunday, but of course you can still RT+like!)

*WINNER GRAPHIC* by Healerfan

Thanks to Debby, Susan, Healerfan and missaqua for these amazing graphics!

Please join us now on Twitter and show your support for the “Baron And Toluca” #NETFLIXforBandT Twitter Mission.

Please spread the word about the #BandT #FanArtFriday and post your first submission next Friday, August 12th with the hashtag #FanArtFriday. More details here: FanArtFriday – Show Us Your B+T Fanart