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HULU Streams “Step By Step”

Jason Behr started his acting career in the 90’s sitcom “Step By Step”.

All 160 episodes of the show’s seven seasons are now available on the streaming platform Hulu. Jason Behr appeared on the fourth season of the show. In the Halloween episode “Something Wild” (S4E6) he plays the character Larry who later appears again on episode 12 “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”.

“Step By Step” actor Patrick Duffy showed his excitement on Twitter. The lead actor of the show wrote: “Best thing ever, all 160 Step by Step on Hulu starting today #StepByStep. Only on @Hulu. Best 7 years!!”

The sitcom ran from 1991 to 1998 and centered about two single parents, Frank Lambert and Carol Foster (each with three children, who hated each other). After meeting one another during a vacation and getting spontaneously married they and their kids have to learn to live together and love each other. It’s not easy, but they are trying to do this step by step.

Since the show is not available on DVD, this is a great chance to watch Jason’s very first acting gig on the small screen. Be sure to leave your feedback after watching his guest apperances on “Step By Step”.