Roswell 20: Roswellian Fan Moment

Edited by Tina

Sarah Marie shared a great “Roswellian fan moment” with us on Twitter. Back in 2001, the local WB channel 55 was promoting Roswell by having Nick Wechsler appear in Cleveland, Ohio and Sarah Marie was lucky enough to say ‘hi’ to the handsome Kyle Valenti.

“Going through old pics and found this gem from 20 years ago when I was convinced I could die happy having met Nick at a WB indoor amusement park signing event,” she tweeted along with three emoji’s. She fittingly choose the smiling face with heart-shaped eyes emoji for this happy fangirl moment back then. Sarah Marie also added a woman facepalm and a face with tears of joy emoji which suggests she can smile about her Kyle Valenti weakness.

The added picture shows that she got a great hug from the actor and luckily her company took a photo in the right moment.

Nick attended the event on April 16th and 17th, 2001. Go back in time with Crashdown’s Archive and read our short news article about this promo event: Nick Wechsler to come to Cleveland, Ohio

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